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Touwa City Coop Apartment

Rental Costs

These apartments are located in a nice area in land of the base. They are about 700 sq ft 2 bedrooms.They will come with 1 parking and all appliances.

Distance From Base
15 minutes by car

It will take about 15 minutes to get to this home by car with traffic. You would go out the main gate to the left and up and past Yokosuka Chou Station.
Local Transportation
JR Kinugasa

The nearest train station by walking is JR Kinugasa. It is about a 10 minute walk to the station and 1 stop back to Yokosuka. You can also take a bus from the home to base. It is about 2 miles so biking is also possible.
Area Information

There is much to do in Kinugasa. From resturants to bars and activities. It is also very close to Yokosuka or Kurihama.