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Table of Contents 

  1. Do you speak English?
  2. Can I bring pets ?
  3. How about American furniture and appliances?
  4. How is the A/C?
  5. How much ?
  6. Do you do non-military contracts?

English OK ?

I am an American with 8 years prior military service. I understand both English and the military.

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Pets ?

Yes, first you have to check with your command and base on their policy. We do offer several homes that allow dogs and cats. Some have small yards. Just remember space is limited so a big dog might feel confined and/or your options for off base housing limited. Also understand that you are required to pay an additional security deposit for pets.

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Size ?

Usually your furniture will be fine here. Just remember most homes here are 1200sqft and below. A king bed will fit in some homes without a lot of other bedroom furniture. A queen is more likely to fit. Most homes have the living and dining rooms (LDK) in one area, so a full American set will not fit. A sofa, chair, 4 person table, TV entertainment center will fill most LDK homes. TVs and radios from the states will be ok but other appliances such as refrig, washer, dryer, convection range will not. We usually provide these appliances or the base will so you won't need them. But don't be surprised with Japanese washer and dryer units (check the roll over picture under the a/c picture), they are small stack units. Also the base will provide transformers/converters for your appliances.

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Unlike the states, the Japanese do not have central air and heat. They have units in each room. These work great but in an older home can run your electricity bills up. Our homes are all insulated, so this will help. During the winter months most people use kerosene heaters, these are cheaper and more efficient. Check out the services page for more info.

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Move in costs?

Rental prices start around 160,000 and run up to 230,000 yen a month. Your move in cost are 4 months rent plus tax up front. The Navy will pay for 3 of these and the last is your security deposit. This includes key money, agent fee, security deposit, and 1st months rent. If you bring a pet you need to add another security deposit.

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Non military contracts?

Yes, if you are looking for a home and want information on non-military contracts please contact Chris at info@lifetownjapan.com. We no longer carry a non military page, but will have homes that can do non military contracts.

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