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Rental Rates

Homes and apartments in Japan run between 150,000 and 250,000 yen, but we usually have property between 160,000 and 230,000 yen. The OHA for Navy members is from 165,600 yen for single E4 and below to 264,444 yen for married O6 and above as of 1 February 2005. To see an updated OHA rate chart go to www.dtic.mil/per diem/ohaform.html and use Yokosuka Locality Code JA061.You will also receive between 32,642 and 65,284 yen for your utilities allowance on top of your OHA. This should cover 90-100% of your utilities cost. The difference between OHA and BAH is that you receive the BAH amount no matter the price of your rental, with OHA you will only receive the cost of your rent. For civilians and non-military contracts your rental rates depend on your employer. If you are doing a base contract your property prices do not change. But if you cannot use the base contract your rental prices run between 50,000 and 230,000 yen. The main difference is price is size and age of property. The base has set size standards of the property that is available for rent to the military and government members. Also parking and distance from base play a part in the rental price.  


This gets a little bit trickier. In the states if you want to go 2-3 miles away it will take you about 10 minutes. Well here it could take you 20 minutes. Because of this fact many people here use the train as their main means of transportation. So if you are looking for a home 10 minutes from base it may only be 1 mile away. But if you go south of the base...10 minutes maybe 5 miles from base. We have many homes in nice western style communities located south of the base in an area call Yoshii, this area is about 5-10 minutes away from the base. If you want to live near the water/beach check out Sajima, Hayama, or Zushi area. These areas take about 25-45 minutes by car. If you want too use the train check out Zushi, Oppama, Mabori, or Nobi. If you are looking for a quite area near the woods check out Hayama or Oppama. Looking for a city atmosphere, check out Kurihama, Yokosuka, or Yokohama. Remember that if you bring a pet this will limit your search areas in some cases. Also if you want near the base, walking distance, you will more than likely be in an apartment. We do offer some homes near the base, but these are on a first come, first serve basis. Whatever your needs are or whatever you are looking for we can and will do our best to find it.  

Type of Homes


The homes in the area have changed a lot from the old ideas of Japanese homes. Tatami has gone away to wood flooring, shoji, paper doors, are going away. If you are looking for the older styling you can still get it but not as much. Some homes still come with one tatami room but do not be afraid of them. If you lay a rug or coasters under the legs it will hold up the weight. Most homes consist of 3 bedrooms and a LDK, 2 toilets, and 1 bath.


Apartments in Japan and apartments in America are different on many levels. Here they consist of 2 apartments or 200 apartments in one building. They do not come with the same services as apartments complexes in the States, such as swimming pools and fitness centers. Also unlike in the states, you need to go to an agency to rent an apartment here, they are individual owed and not run by a management. Also some do not come with parking, especially if they are near to base or train. Pets are also usually not allowed in apartments. Also another fact to be aware of it that the elevators may be small. The moving companies will not carry your furniture over the 2nd floor.